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Sword Maintenance
Sword Maintenance

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15ml Mineral Sword Oil
15ml Mineral Sword Oil Sword care has never been simpler or more convenient with your very own Pump-Spray bottle of Sword Oil

Ideal for protection and rust prevention on all carbon steel blades, mineral oil has been used for sword protection for centuries

Price: £3.20
In Stock

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Renaissance Wax
Renaissance Wax
For over forty years, RENAISSANCE WAX-POLISH has been the #1 choice of museums, art galleries and institutions for the preservation of precious items. Professional conservators, retailers, restorers and
private individuals throughout the world depend on RENAISSANCE WAX to protect their collections
and for in home use.

Ideal for protecting Carbon and stainless steel swords/sayas. Also suitable for leather scabbards/furniture.

Although not recommended for stone polished blades (i.e. any katana with a true hamon as the wax can alledgely subdue the prominence of the hamon, I have been using this on my own Chen collection for years and have noticed no difference other than a general smug satisfaction that my blades are now permanently protected. - Blades UK M.D

Better than oil, the wax dries on the blade and can only be removed with white spirit, it is permanent rust prevention

65ml tin (enough for several hundred blades at least)

Price: £9.50

In Stock

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Sword Maint. Kit (386G)
Sword Maint. Kit (386G) Misc Sword Cleaning Kit. Includes blade oil, oiling cloth, powder ball for blade polishing, brass awl and hammer. Comes in wooden box.

Price: £15.00
In Stock

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Deluxe Lansky Sharpening Kit
Deluxe Lansky Sharpening Kit
Lansky Deluxe System.

Professional knife sharpening kit, Includes extra coarse hone, coarse hone, medium hone, fine hone, and ultra fine hone. Comes with precision multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp, sharpening hones on color coded finger grooved safety holders, one guide rod for each stone, specially formulated honing oil, and extra long knife clamp screws. Custom molded storage/carrying case. Includes easy to follow instructions.

Price: £39.00

In Stock

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Lansky Mini Knife Sharpener
Lansky Mini Knife Sharpener Measures 2" x 2 3/8". Molded plastic construction with two alumina ceramic sharpening rods for large and small knives. Pocket size with keychain. Sharpens and polishes knives, fish hooks, darts, arrowheads, etc.

Price: £5.99
In Stock

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Accusharp Arkansas Whetstone
Accusharp Arkansas Whetstone Combination Knife Sharpening Kit. Includes fine and medium grit natural whetstones each measuring 3" x 1 5/8", and 1 oz. bottle of honing oil. Wooden base holds all items. Boxed with hanging tab.

Price: £22.00
In Stock

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25ml Mineral Sword Oil (65G)
25ml Mineral Sword Oil  (65G) Approx 25ml Mineral Sword Oil, enough to treat an average sword for several years. In a plastic pump spray bottle

Price: £4.50
In Stock

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Satin Katana Bag
Satin Katana Bag High quality lined satin katana storage bag with high quality silk braid cord and tassels

Price: £4.99
Sale Price - Was £8.99

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