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Chinese Swords
Chinese Swords

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Qi Jian
Qi Jian
From the master swordsmiths of the Hanwei forge comes the Qi Jian, a re-creation of an ancient design that utilized one-piece forging. The entire sword, from pommel to tip, has been forged from a single billet of steel. This forging technique provides unparalleled strength and balance while exhibiting a clear, bell-like tone when lightly struck. The sword’s name originates with the Qi nation, one of the many warring states that eventually formed modern China. Legend has it that Feng-Xuan, one of the Qi people and a central character in a well known folk tale, possessed such a one piece sword and would use its ringing quality to accompany his singing. The sword’s grip is rayskin wrapped, a feature matched by the wrap on the throat of the scabbard, making for a stunningly beautiful presentation.


One-Piece Forged Construction
Rayskin Handle Wrap
Superb Balance and Strength


Blade length: 28 "
Handle length: 7 "
Overall length: 37 "
Weight: 2lb 8oz

Price: £371.00


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Practical Tai Chi - 2008
Practical Tai Chi - 2008

Designed for T'ai Chi practitioners
Fully tempered high-carbon steel blade
Scabbard included


WEIGHT: 1lb 3oz
BOX WIDTH: 4 1/4"

The Practical Tai-Chi swords from Hanwei has been developed in response to many requests for a quality Tai-Chi sword for everyday practice

All models feature steel guards and pommels, plated to harmonize the color scheme of the sword. The blades are fully tempered high-carbon steel with a flattened-diamond blade section

Price: £129.00

In Stock

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Ninja Kouga - SH2430
Ninja Kouga - SH2430
The neighboring Kouga and Iga clans of feudal Japan were bitter enemies for centuries and their warring Ninja families have been immortalized in Japanese literature. To commemo- rate these secretive warriors we have introduced our Kouga and Iga Ninja-To.

The Kouga features a Tsuka with a battle wrap over black rayskin and Kouga Mon Menuki. The blackened iron Tsuba features the Kouga Mon and pierced Kanji, a theme repeated on the Fuchi/Kashira. The Kanji and Mon are also employed on the blackened fittings of the spiked Saya. The Kouga features a forged high carbon blade, differentially quenched to an edge hardness of 60HRc.

Essential tool for the Ninjutsu practitioner.

- Forged high-carbon steel blade
- High quality fittings
- Battle wrapped tsuka

Overall length: 33 1/2 inch
Blade length: 22 inch
Weight: 2LB 3OZ
Handle Length: 11 inch

Price: £310.00

In Stock

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Budo Premium Tai Chi Sword
Budo Premium Tai Chi Sword 39" Overall with a 29" unsharpened, hand forged and folded, high carbon steel blade with mirror polish. Hardwood handle and scabbard with solid brass fittings. Lightweight with a triangulated blade which tapers to a flexible tip, the sword weighs in at appprox 605 grams out of the scabbard with a point of balance at 2" into the blade making for a very responsive sword.

Price: £0.00
Sold Out, No ETA

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Folded Chinese Broadsword (25)
Folded Chinese Broadsword (25)
26" Overall with a 20.5" QING DYNASTY hand forged, sharpened, Damascus steel blade. Rosewood handle and scabbard with detailed cast metal fittings with brass finish.

Price: £135.00

In Stock

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Hanwei Dadao Sword (1012)
Hanwei Dadao Sword (1012)
Long the traditional weapon of China’s peasant armies, the Dadao, or big sword, was used with deadly effect as late as the 1930’s in the Sino-Japanese War. Its single- or two-handed versatility, combined with the tremendous slashing power of its weight-forward blade made it the ideal close-quarters weapon. Although the originals had no scabbard, a simple carrying case is provided for protection and ease of transportation.

Key Features

Authentic styling
Powerful cutting capability
Scabbard included

This sword is sharp.
This sword is fully functional.
This sword is hand-forged.
Measurements / Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 95.25cm 37�"
Blade Length 56.52cm 22�"
Grip Length 36.20cm 14�"
Weight 1.05Kg 2lb 5oz

Price: £155.00

Stock Due Shortly

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Chinese Emperor Sword
Chinese Emperor Sword 35" Overall with a 23" sharpened, hand forged, high carbon steel blade. Natural hardwood saya with brass fittings in a leopard design, superb value.

Price: £0.00
Out Of Stock

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Handforged Dragon Ninja
Handforged Dragon Ninja
41" Overall with a 28" sharpened, high carbon steel blade with bohi and engravings. Full tang and double pegged, features genuine rayskin and cotton ito, all metal fittings in a dragon motif and complete with cotton storage sleeve

Price: £0.00

Out Of Stock

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Chinese Broadsword
Chinese Broadsword
35.5" Overall with a 26" sharpened, hand forged, 1060 high carbon steel blade. Rosewood saya and handle with cast metal fittings in an antiqued brass finish. Complete in brocade box, nice item

Price: £110.00

Out Of Stock, No Eta

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BUDO Qin Dynasty Sword
BUDO Qin Dynasty Sword
28.5" Overall with a 20.5" hand forged, mirror polished and clay tempered, 1095 high carbon steel blade which is very substantial and incredibly sharp. Rosewood handle and scabbard with heavy steel fittings.

Beautifully constructed, exceptional quality. Complete with box.

Price: £269.00

Stock Due APR 19

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