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Throwing Knives
Ask us about suitable target materials for beginners to avoid damaging your knives. Bare wood is not suitable, please pad with material or foam to soften impacts

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Triple Set (RC-136-3)
Triple Set (RC-136-3) 8" Overall with a sharpened 4" double edged blade.
Solid stainless one piece construction, finished in black and silver. Set of three, nylon steath included, nice item.

Price: £19.99
In Stock

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Rubber Ninja Shuriken
Rubber Ninja Shuriken Set of 3 rubber throwing stars, perfect for the serious ninjitsu practitioner

Price: £7.50
In Stock

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Triple Halloween Throwers
Triple Halloween Throwers Set of 3 with nylon sheath, limited edition of just 400 sets worldwide.

Each knife measures 8.5" overall, one piece stainless construction with sharpened blades.

Price: £16.00
In Stock

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Boker Magnum Bailey Ziell II
Boker Magnum Bailey Ziell II
Professional throwing Knives from a quality brand.

Includes three 13.3" overall knives. Each knife is constructed of super tough 1/4" 420 J2 stainless steel. Weighs 14oz. Meets or exceeds all requirements of most knife throwing clubs. Leather sheath holds all three knives,

Price: £110.00

In Stock

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Red Handle thrower set (A3)
Red Handle thrower set (A3) Extremely lightweight 3 piece set, each thrower measures 6.5" Overall with a 3.5" sharpened, double edged blade, black coated with red nylon handle and nylon belt sheath included

Price: £13.99
In Stock

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Spider Throwers (1793)
Spider Throwers (1793) 3 x 8" Overall, one piece consturction stainless thrower with a sharpened 3.5" blades with spider image, nylon sheath included. comfortable to handle, nice items.

Price: £14.99
In Stock

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Gil Hibben Throwing Set
Gil Hibben Throwing Set Each knife measures 6 5/8" overall. 4 1/4" sharpened, blade 420 stainless blade. High quality cord wrapped handle, one piece construction. Knives are perfectly balanced to assure uniform rotation when thrown properly. Comes with black nylon belt sheath which holds all three knives. Designed by a master knife maker/thrower and produced by respected brand United Cutlery. Highly recommended

Price: £0.00
Sold Out

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Large Kunai x 3 (770G)
Large Kunai x 3 (770G) Three x 12" Overall, sharpened, one piece stainless steel construction with cord wrapped handle and black finish, substantial 5mm thick blades,

Includes black belt sheath, not shown

Price: £39.00
In Stock

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Cold Steel True Flight Thrower
Cold Steel True Flight Thrower
The Cold Steel True Flight Thrower beats the competition by a wide margin. For strength, we use 1055 carbon steel and finish it with a black, baked-on protective coat. This makes for a hard, yet resilient blade that will "bounce-back" from any throw. And for versatility, the True Flight Thrower has a utility edge that will stand-up to your toughest chores.

Overall Length: 12"
Blade Length: 6 3/4"
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Weight: 9.7 oz
Blade Thickness: 5 mm
Handle: 5 1/4" Long Paracord Wrap
Sheath: Cor-Ex Sheath

Price: £27.99

Out Of Stock

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Set Of 3 Shuriken
Set Of 3 Shuriken The Shuriken (needles) of the Ninja included various missiles such as dirks, darts and star-shaped discs, all forming part of the art of shurikenjutsu, which was an important part of the Ninja's armoury. The Shuriken Set contains three forged and tempered darts in a canvas forearm band and the darts are black plated in the Ninja tradition.
WEIGHT: 2 1/2 oz -- 60 g.

Set of three, not six as pictured

Price: £10.99
In Stock

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