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Cold Steel Swords
Cold Steel Swords

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Cold Steel Butterfly Swords (CS88BF)
Cold Steel Butterfly Swords (CS88BF)
Prior to World War II, the Butterfly Sword was virtually unknown outside of southern China. This changed at the close of the 1940's, when the Communists took control of mainland China, forcing many Kung Fu masters to flee the oppressive regime and establish new schools elsewhere. Currently, due to the spread of Kung Fu, these once obscure swords have become quite popular. Typically, Butterfly Swords come in pairs that are cleverly nested together so they appear to be one sword not two. When they are drawn, they can be quickly separated and wielded in both hands to make wickedly effective chops, slashes and thrusts. Our battle worthy blades are 15" long and 2 5/8" wide. The handsome slip-proof grip features carefully selected hardwood covered with attractively braided cord. The "D" shaped guard has a long forward quillion, so it can both deflect and trap various opposing weapons.

Overall Length: 20-1/4"
Blade Length: 15"
Thickness: 1/5"
Weight: 37.1 oz.
Steel: 1050 High Carbon Steel

Price: £335.00

Out Of Stock

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1796 Light Cavalry Sabre
1796 Light Cavalry Sabre Firstly, this is not Sharpe's sword, he used the 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sabre, however for all intent purposes this is aesthetically the same sword.

This saber was widely used by the British and their Prussian allies under General Blucher in the Battle of Waterloo. This saber was so successful as a cutting weapon, that the German Cavalry continued to use it right up to the beginning of the 20th century
37.75" Overall with a 33" sharpened AUS 1050 carbon steel blade with wide blood groove. Black leather wrapped handle with steel handguard and pommel. This is a fully functional battle grade sword and complete with steel scabbard and individual british test proof certificate for each sword.

Price: £285.00
In Stock

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1830 Napoleon Sabre
1830 Napoleon Sabre Specifications:
Weight: 37.7 oz.
Blade Thickness: 5/16"
Blade Length: 33 3/4"
Handle: 5 1/4" long.
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Overall Length: 39"
Sheath: Steel Scabbard

Napoleon's cavalry was the bane of the European battlefield. While his horses were second string, his swords were absolutely first rate. They were manufactured in a state of the art factory dedicated to producing the finest edged weapons of the day.

The medium weight saber we offer is a cavalry trooper's chosen weapon. It posses excellent cutting and slashing capability and still remains useful for a thrust. In fact, it was so popular that it remained in use long after Napoleon's star had fallen and was wielded by both sides in our own Civil War.

In its general overall appearance, it very closely resembles the United States 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. However, this design is slightly different and makes for a far more effective and durable weapon. The thick, moderately curved blade is forged out of 1055 Carbon steel and features a long, wide fuller and a very sharp, practical point.
1830 Napoleon Saber

The grip of the 1830 Napoleon Saber is equally well made. It is wrapped in black leather and strongly protected by a stout, brass three bar hilt. The whole package comes with a heavy duty polished steel scabbard with dual rings so it can be easily attached to your baldric or sword belt.

Price: £265.00
In Stock

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Cold Steel Gladius Machete
Cold Steel Gladius Machete
26.75" Overall featuring a 19" forged, sharpened, 1055 high carbon steel blade. Black polypropylene handle offering extremely high strength and excellent grip. Nylon sheath with hardened blade tip cover.

Price: £42.00

In Stock

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Cold Steel Shamshir Sword
Cold Steel Shamshir Sword
36 1/4" overall. 30 1/2" sharpened 1055 handforged carbon steel blade. Each sword is tested to the British Proof Test with certificate included. Imitation horn handle with brass guard. Double ringed leather scabbard with brass throat and chape.

Price: £299.00

In Stock

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Cold Steel Series Katana
No picture available NF
The Cold Steel Series Katana is an exceptional sword perfectly suited to those looking for a sword capable of withstanding heavy duty tamashigeri (test cutting), it's weight compliments it's cutting ability perfectly.

At 40.75" Overall with a 29 3/8" sharpened 'through' tempered, 1050 carbon steel blade with stunning fuller (blood groove). Blade is an incredible 9/32" thick. Genuine rayskin wrap with black braid cord and brass breath-taking Menuki. Tradtionally made in every respect, simply superb.

Price: £399.00

In Stock

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Cold Steel Talwar
Cold Steel Talwar
39" Overall with a 33" hand forged tough 1055 Carbon steel blade. Features a broad fuller and a razor edge. The hilt is equally well made. Fashioned from brass with an intricately decorated surface, it offers short, thick quillons, a single knuckle bow and the traditional dish shaped pommel to lock in your hand.

Supplied with an excellent scabbard made of wood covered in black leather and capped at either end with a thick brass throat and chape, our Indian Talwar is a ferociously effective cutting sword that will serve you well on or off the battlefield.

Price: £285.00

Lower Price - Was £315

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Cold Steel Hunting Sword
Cold Steel Hunting Sword
The hunting sword or "Hanger" is an iconic short bladed weapon (seldom over 26") that became quite popular in Europe and the Americas during the 16th and 17th centuries. Among the reasons for its popularity, outside of the dictates of fashion, was that it was an immensely handy, effective sword that was the perfect companion whether you were on foot, horseback, or on a crowded deck at sea! Like many of the originals, Cold Steel's version is quite stylish. The blade is satin polished with multiple fullers and a wicked false edge. The intricately hand carved handle is made from Rosewood and ornamented with nickel-silver pins. The scabbard's style harmonizes engagingly with the sword's design. It's made from heavy, black leather and capped at each end with an embossed nickel-silver throat and chape.
Item Number: 88CLQ
Item Name: Hunting Sword
Weight: 34.9 oz.
Blade Length: 24.0"
Handle: 5.25" Long. Hand Carved Rosewood
Overall: 29.25"
Steel: 1055 High Carbon Steel
Sheath: Black Leather and Embossed Nickel Silver

Price: £199.00

In Stock

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