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Elite Force Fixed Blade (EF704)
Elite Force Fixed Blade (EF704)
22cm Overall with a 10cm sharpened, stainless blade. Full tang with 420 stainless blade (420 holds a finer edge than 440), stonewash finish for added durability and G10 handles offering excellent grip. Black nylon belt sheath included

Price: £17.99

Sale Price - Was £29.99

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Custom D2 Tracker (A22)
Custom D2 Tracker (A22)
10.5" Overall with a 6" sharpened, hand forged D2 high carbon steel blade with black finish. Polished micarta handle scales with brass retaining bolts. High quality leather belt sheath included, totally handmade item.

Price: £32.00

Sale Price - Was £49

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Anime Broadsword (9-1)
Anime Broadsword (9-1) 41" Overall with a 31" unsharpened stainless blade with two tone finish. Faux leather wrapped handle with cast metal fittings, complete with faux leather shoulder sheath.

Price: £29.00
Sale Price - Was £49

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Ultimate Survival Knife - Incentive
Ultimate Survival Knife - Incentive
You must spend £40+ before adding this item to your order

10.75" Overall with a 5.5" sharpened stainless blade.

Black finish high carbon stainless blade with sawback.

The screw-on hollow handle is made of metal. Inside the handle there is a compass and various survival items such as needles, tweezers, plasters, fishing line, etc. There is inserted a 120mm-long skinner, a spin rubber In the plastic sheath. paracord wrap.

Price: £9.99

In Stock

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Titanium Extreme Hunter (1082)
Titanium Extreme Hunter (1082)
10.5" Overall with a 6" sharpened, titanium coated 6mm thick, stainless blade. Composite handles with finger notches offering excellent grip. High quality nylon sheath with strapping and various fixing options, front compartment houses diamond honing block. Designed for extreme heavy duty use. Superb

Price: £21.00

Sale Price - Was £36

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Rui Folder (876)
Rui Folder (876) 8" Overall with a 3.3" sharpened, stainless blade with titanium coating. Aluminium handle with black high grip finish and cutouts to reduce weight. Complete with nylon belt sheath, nice item

Price: £9.99
Sale Price - Was £16

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B.UK Red Scorpion Hunter
B.UK Red Scorpion Hunter
10" Overall with a 6" sharpened, forged, D2 steel blade. Full tang with micarta handles, includes leather belt sheath, handmade item

Price: £29.00

Sale Price - Was £39

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Throwing Knife Set - Factory 2nd
Throwing Knife Set - Factory 2nd Includes six all stainless throwing knives in two styles ranging in sizes from 7" overall to 9" overall. Knives store in heavy black nylon case with cloth lined interior and buckle closure. Comes with targets. Case is molded.

May have some minor surface rust

Price: £22.00
In Stock

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Fixed Blade Hunting Knife (57)
Fixed Blade Hunting Knife (57) Made from 440 Stainless Steel, the Clip Point blade comes with a black finish and features a wave designed Saw Back spine. It's Plain Edged and comes Factory Sharp. By the handle is the MTech logo. The Handle itself is a lightweight durable nylon fiber with a Rubber coating. At the end is a Lanyard hole with a Lanyard cord.

A 1680D Black Nylon Sheath is included with the knife. In the middle on the front, in Red is the MTech logo. The Edge/Bottom side is reinforced with 3 rivets for extra strength. It has a 2 1/4" Belt loop for carrying and a Button strap to keep the knife in securely. It's shaped nicely and designed specifically for the knife.

Overall Length: 12 1/4"
Blade Length: 7 1/4"
Blade Thickness: 1/8"
Handle Length: 5"
Handle Thickness: 7/8"
Knife Weight: 7.2 oz
Sheath: 12 9/16" x 2 1/4"
Sheath Weight: 1.2 oz

Price: £14.00
Sale Price - Was £19.99

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Walther Pro Tool Tac (Multitool)
Walther Pro Tool Tac (Multitool)
12 features
Forged universal pliers dimensioned for a press force of up to 90 kg
Knife, scissors, bottle opener, screwdriver, seatbelt and glass break
Rigid construction provides improved power transmission
Holster vertical belt loop
Comes in an aluminum box
Weight 78 g
Total length 104 mm
Blade length 40 mm
grip Material rubberized G10LeafSandvik 12C27

Price: £39.00

Sale Price - Was £49

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