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Chen Japanese Katana
Chen Japanese Swords

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Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi
Paul Chen Practical Wakizashi
28" Overall with a sharpened 20" forged and differentially tempered blade. Simulated rayskin handle with tradtional black cord wrap. Black coated cast metal tsuba, wooden scabbard with black lacquered finish, with high quality storage cloth. Absolute bargain (PC2061)

Price: £199.00

In Stock

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Bushido Wakizashi
No picture available NF Each piece in the Bushido group has a hand-forged and folded ASSAB-K120C powder steel blade, differentially tempered to produce an HRC60 edge, HRC40 back and a distinctive hamon. Saya are deeply lacquered in old gold with inlaid brass sakura flowers. Quality ray skin is used on the tsuka of the Katana and Wakizashi, while the tsuka of the Tanto is of gold-plated brass with a battle-scene decoration in relief. The tsuba of the Katana and Wakizashi is of blackened and bronzed iron, with detailing in gold and silver and a battle scene decoration. The tsuka-ito on the Katana and Wakizashi and the sageo on all three pieces are woven from Japanese cotton. The fuchi and kashira are of blackened bronze with brass detailing, and the kojira, koiguchi and kurigata are of polished horn. The habaki is brass. The Katana and Wakizashi blades are ungrooved, while the Tanto blade is grooved on both sides. The Katana and Wakizashi have medium length Kissaki.

WEIGHT: 1lb 10oz

Price: £0.00

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Practical Plus Wakizashi
Practical Plus Wakizashi 27.75" Overall with a 19 7/8" sharpened, edge tempered, high carbon steel blade . Genuine rayskin handle with a leather wrap (Tsuka-Ito) specially developed for its gripping qualities. Black finish 'sunburst' design iron tsuba. Black finish wooden scabbard.

Price: £285.00
In Stock

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Meijin - Folded Steel Katana
 Meijin - Folded Steel Katana BLADE LENGTH: 28�

The Meijin Iaito (SH5018) is an amazing testament of the quality produced by CAS/Hanwei. The blade is forged-folded T10 high-carbon steel with grooves (bo-hi) on both sides of the blade, which allows for a lighter blade and audible feedback when swung. The blade is differentially tempered using a traditional claying method and has a beautiful grain pattern (hada) with visible layers. The tsuka is wrapped in genuine ray skin (same) and the tsuka-ito is premium black Japanese cotton. The black iron square tsuba, fuchi, & kashira are done in a �Turbulent Ocean" motif. The habaki is a one-piece brass construction. The saya is done in a beautiful black matte striped finish going the whole length of the scabbard and the sageo is black cotton. The Meijin Iaito represents the pinnacle of production quality for Iaito swords.

Price: £560.00
Out Of Stock

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Tsuru Iaito (Crane) Katana
Tsuru Iaito (Crane) Katana
Restricted to Registered Martial Artists Only, please contact us to purchase

Traditional crane tsuba with matching fuchi and kashira. Black ray skin with genuine black silk wrapped handle. The sheath is part bound in ray skin and the sword is finished with silver fittings.

WEIGHT: 1lb 13oz

Black Same w/ Black Silk Ito & Sageo
Same wrapped Saya(Koiguchi to Kurikata)
Silver Menuki & Habaki, Seppa

Price: £0.00


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CS Iai Battojutso Volume 3
CS Iai Battojutso Volume 3 Continuing on from volume 2 in the traditional styles of Japanese Sword Arts, this DVD teaches kata 5 through 9.

See a couple of the sword handling techniues by clicking here

Price: £27.00
In Stock

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Chen Tiger Elite Katana
Chen Tiger Elite Katana The Tiger Elite Katana has been re-designed from kissaki to kashira. Utilizing a hand forged and folded Performance Series katana blade and some of the finest fittings available, the Tiger is equally at home as a cutting blade or showpiece. The K120C powder steel blade is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method which produces a HRC60 edge and HRC40 back. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. The hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are very prominent. The koshirae (fittings) are all made from blackened bronze and detailed in gold. The tsuba (guard) is made from blackened iron with a stalking tiger motif. The same is of the finest ray skin while the tsuka-ito (handle wrap) and sageo (scabbard cord) are made from top-quality japanese cotton. The Tiger is supplied with a protective cloth bag and traditional maintenance kit.

Elite Katana Blade: Frequent Cutting / Advanced Drawing Practice:
Paul Chen Hanwei Elite Katana Blades embody the classical design elements of the most prolific sword design in history. With their strong Shinogi Zukuri shape that accentuates the differential heat treatment, these blades are traditionally proportioned to appeal to the collector but they will also perform well in general cutting of hard or soft targets.

Key Features:
Hand Forged and Folded Steel Blade
Superior Quality
Traditional Construction

Blade Length: 29"
Handle Length: 11"
Overall Length: 41"
Weight: 2 lb 8 oz
Point of Balance: 5 1/2"
Width at Guard: 1.35"
Width at Tip: 1.03"
Thickness at Guard: 0.25"
Thickness at Tip: 0.16"
Sori: 3/4"

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Price: £689.00
Out Of Stock

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SH2415 -- Raptor Unokubi Zukuri
SH2415 -- Raptor Unokubi Zukuri
The Raptor Unokubi-Zukuri (Cormorants Neck) blade design is patterned after the shape of the Naginata, the powerful long-handled weapon popular between the 12th and 14th centuries. Notable for the strongly relieved shinogi-ji and diamond-shaped kissaki, the Unokubi-Zukuri provides excellent balance in a strong cutting blade.

The Raptor Series has been designed for the cutting practitioner who does not necessarily have access to mats but who wishes to practice and perfect his cutting technique. The blades are forged in 5160 high carbon steel and specially heat treated to produce very high resilience and greater tolerance of misdirected cuts than a conventional differentially tempered blade. The edge geometry is configured to facilitate the cutting of both soft and semi-hard materialswithout chipping, allowing the cutter a wide choice of targets.

Made by Hanwei.

5160 high-carbon steel


Overall length: 43.5"
Blade length: 28.5"
Handle length: 13"
Weight: 2lb 11oz

Price: £0.00

Out Of Stock

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Bamboo Mat Katana
Bamboo Mat Katana
Our Bamboo Mat Katana features a chu-kissaki blade of Hanwei's own high-alloy HWS-2S steel, which combines impressive performance with a striking O-choji hamon. This steel is made in Hanwei's new factory, with high-tech equipment, producing a very pure, advanced-metallurgy blade with excellent edge-holding capability and resilience.

The fittings feature a bamboo-themed black iron tsuba, textured in a bamboo mat design with a jointed bamboo rim and highlighted with gold-tipped bamboo leaves. The fuchi/kashira follow the same theme and the golden menuki feature a pair of sparrows. The saya is finished in high-gloss lacquer with horn fittings.

Overall: 40 1/4"
Blade Length: 28 7/8"
Handle Length: 11"
Weight: 2lb 12oz
Blade Steel: HWS-2S

Price: £0.00

Out Of Stock

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