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This is a test section you have been brought to from outside our menu system. and items listed here are discontinued and are not available - please use the links to your left to browse the site

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Do Not Order Products from this section

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Damascus Hunter (DS233)
No picture available NF
Approx 12" Overall with a sharpened, hand forged, damascus steel blade with fileworked spine. Horn and hardwood handle with brass fittings moulded in the shape of an eagle's head. Leather sheath included.

Made by a master knife smith at a traditional forge.

Price: £49.00

Sale Price - Was £74

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Damascus Hunter (d564)
No picture available NF
11.5" Overall with an 8"sharpened, hand forged, damascus steel blade with grip hole. horn handle with brass inserts and brass fittings. Leather sheath included.

Made by a master knife smith.

Price: £89.00

one only

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Damascus Bowie (D3771)
No picture available NF
15.5" Overall with a 10" sharpened, hand forged, damascus steel blade, stacked leather, hardwood, coloured bone and brass handle with damascus steel crossguard and pommel. Leather sheath included. 1/2cm thick blade spine, antother beauty.

Price: £86.00


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Damascus Bowie (D900)
Damascus Bowie (D900)
12" Overall with an 8" sharpened, hand forged, high carbon steel blade with detailed notch work. Horn handle with wooden and brass dividers and brass fittings. Leather sheath included. Superb quality knife.

Price: £69.00

One Only

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Raptor Wakisashi and Tanto
Raptor Wakisashi and Tanto
We'll include a tanto along with the wakisashi,

While the Wakizashi and Tanto of the Raptor series provide matching pieces for any of the Raptor katanas, they are in their own right designed as very effective cutting tools. Made in the blade style of James Williams’ personal Nami Ryu swords, these pieces will allow the cutting practitioner to perfect techniques for each of the three weapons, at the same time as they complete an impressive display.

Made by Hanwei

- 5160 Steel
- Historical blade style
- Designed by James Williams / Hanwei

Overall length: 26 3/4 inch
Blade length: 19 inch
Handle Lenth: 6 1/2 inch
Weight: 1lb 8oz

Price: £115.00

Some rust blemishes

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Flame Throwers
Flame Throwers Set of two 7" Overall with 3" sharpened, stainless blades. Once piece construction with black, red and orange flame finish. Nylon sheath included

Price: £18.00
In Stock

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Shinogi-Zukuri Raptor (SH2414)
Shinogi-Zukuri Raptor (SH2414) ** For sae on behalf of customer, in our possession for immeduate shipment, some minor rust to blade, otherwise in excellent, unused condition, acrds accepted, returns accepted.

The Raptor Shinogi-Zukuri blade, which has evolved as the most common Japanese katana blade design, provides both speed and cutting power.Featuring a distinct yokote, such blades were originally produced after the Heian period, around 987 AD.

Key Features
•5160 Steel
•Historical blade style
•Designed by James Williams / Hanwei

Price: £150.00
In Stock

More Info

Autographed Kill Bill Sword
Autographed Kill Bill Sword Autogrpahed by the late David Carradine, certificate of authenticity is included. Owner is looking for £350. If this would be of interest please get in touch

Please email us for images of the autogrpahed sword

Price: £0.00
£350 - see description

More Info

Metal Sai Set
Metal Sai Set
15" Overall with flattened ends. Solid one piece metal construction with imitation leather handle wraps. Set of Two

Price: £24.95

In Stock

More Info

Folded Tanto in Red (46)
Folded Tanto in Red (46) Each Ryumon Dragon Folded Tanto is hand forged and folded 10 times to produce 1024 layers of high carbon steel.

Ryumon Dragon Folded Tanto Features:

•Hand forged HCS 1065 high carbon steel blade
•Hand sharpened and differentially clay tempered
•Folded 10 times making 1024 layers
•Dragon tsuba
•Rayskin and cotton wrapped tsuka
•Red lacquered wood saya
•Includes deluxe Ryumon wooden box
•Fully functional


Blade: 10", Tsuka: 5.25", Overall: 17", Weight: .76 Lbs

Price: £59.00
In Stock

More Info

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