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CSA Cavalry Sabre
CSA Cavalry Sabre
39" Overall with a 33" unsharpened, handforged high carbon steel blade with solid brass fittings and leather wrapped handle. Steel scabbard with

Price: £55.00

In Stock

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Barnett Lionheart Sword
Barnett Lionheart Sword 36" Overall with a 29" sharpened EN45 carbon steel blade. Leather hand grip with wire wrap, brass fittings, one of Barnetts finest reproduction swords yet. Price will be £89

Price: £89.00
In Stock

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15th Century Broadsword
15th Century Broadsword 38" Overall with a 31" sharpened, hand forged spring carbon steel blade. Full tang construction with hardwood handles. Traditionally made in a small forge, complete with leather over wood scabbard, nice item.

Price: £79.00
In Stock

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Hand and a Half Sword
Hand and a Half Sword Stock On way, eta mid November

41.5" Overall with an unsharpened, stainless blade. Stainless crossguard and pommel and a dark brown leather wrapped, wooden handle. Leather wrapped wooden sheath with stainless fittings. Good example of a hand and a half.

Price: £59.00
In Stock

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English Swept Hilt Rapier
English Swept Hilt Rapier
46" Overall with a 37" edged but not sharp, EN45 carbon steel blade. Hardwood handle with a superb full wire wrap, darkened steel fittings, stichted leather scabbard with a darkened finish and steel fittings. Stunning example of a fine English Sword, looks and feels very much like an authentic antique with its aged finish.

Price: £0.00

Stock Due Feb

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Barnett Roman Gladius
Barnett Roman Gladius Full Tang, Hand Forged EN45 carbon steel blade with a V edged blade but not very sharp, bone handles and cast metal fittings with aged brass finish.

29" Overall with a 21.5" blade. Wooden saya with leather cover and brass fittings.

Price: £85.00
In Stock

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El Cid Rapier
El Cid Rapier 37 1/2" overall. 29" stainless unsharpened blade. Black metal handle with silver wire wrap. Polished steel guard and pommel. Black leather covered scabbard with polished steel trim.

Price: £66.00
In Stock

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Lion Sabre
Lion Sabre
38.5" Overall with 33" false-edged polished stainless blade. Polished brass guard and pommel in shape of a lion's head, leather with wire wrapped handle, silver metal scabbard rather than black one pictured. Very good quality overall

Price: £64.00

Sale Price - Was £89

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English Tuck Sword
English Tuck Sword 30.5" Overall with a 22.5" sharpened, EN45 carbon steel blade. Hardwood handle, steel fittings. ABS scabbard with darkrned finish, an excellent museum quality replica of the English Civil War Sword.

Price: £84.00
In Stock

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Swept Hilt Rapier
Swept Hilt Rapier 43.5" Overall with a 37" unsharpened, stainless blade with high quality polished finish. Chrome finished steel crossguard and pommel with a wire wrapped handle. Complete with black ABS scabbard with polished stainless fittings, lovely item

Price: £74.00
In Stock

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