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Typing Sale Price into the product search (top right) will bring up all of our sale items, below is a small selection of our best clearance offers

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Silent Ninja Sword
Silent Ninja Sword
27.5" Overall with a 19" sharpened, blackened blade with 1/4 wrapped imitation leather finish. Solid one piece construction with paracord wrapped tang and oversized lanyard hole. Nylon sheath with carry strap, nice item.

Price: £13.50

Sale Price - Was 18

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Ultraviolet Sword
Ultraviolet Sword
40.5" Overall with a 29" unsharpened, polished stainless blade with secret character engravings on both side, solid wood handle with brass blade tang fixings and a black lacquer finish. Nice quality

Price: £27.00

Priced To Clear

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Fishing Utility Knife
Fishing Utility Knife
Usually 12, if you spend over 40 today, you can add this to your basket for just 6.50

See our spend over 40 offers in the Incentive section on the bottom left menu

9" Overall with a 4", full tang, sharprned, stainless blade with serrated portion, cutting back and gut remover. Hardwood handles, nylon belt sheath

Price: £6.50

In Stock

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Skull Short Sword and Plaque
Skull Short Sword and Plaque 27" Overall with a 20" unsharpened, stainless blade. Cast metal crossguard, pommel and skull decoration and brushed metal finish ABS handle. Complete with wooden wall plaque and fixings.

Price: £24.00
Sale Price - Was 35

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Theseu Sword + Plaque
Theseu Sword + Plaque 38" Overall with a 28" unsharpened stainless blade with etching. High quality finish to the blade and ABS resin handle. Cast Metal fittings, Wooden plaque included with all fixings.

Price: £44.00
Sale Price - Was 54

More Info

Standard Kill Bill Set and Stand
Standard Kill Bill Set and Stand
Katana measures 36.5" Overall with a 25.5" flase edged, stainless blade. Black braid handle wrap and imistaiotn rayskin, cast metal fittings and wooden saya with matte black finish.
Wakisashi 27.5" Overall with an 18" blade, specs as per kat
Tanto measures 18" Overall with a 10" blade.

Complete with wooden table stand, our 56 deluxe kill bill set is far higher quality with a better steel grade (see more info for link)

Price: £35.00

Sale Price - Was 45

More Info

Prince Of Persia Dagger
Prince Of Persia Dagger
16" Overall with a 9" sharprned, stainless blade with two tone finish. Metal handle with pewter look finish. complete with wooden table stand.

Price: £16.00

Sale Price - Was 21

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Premium Egret Ninjato
Premium Egret Ninjato
41" Overall with a 28" hand forged and folded 1065 high carbon steel blade. Full tang and double peged, igh qualoty cotton ito, genuine rayskin handle wrapping. Wooden saya with black lacquer finish and brass coloured stars, Egret themed furniture. Complete with table stand, kit, box and silk storage sleeve, high quality item.

Price: £89.00

Sale Was 110

More Info

Metal Tarantula Art - Incentive
Metal Tarantula Art - Incentive You may add this item when placing an order of 40 value or over,

incredible incentive price well below even our cost price

8.5" long and 7" wide, all metal construction with stainless steel legs. Complete with wooden display plaque and fixings (held on plaque.

Great Price to clear. Must be purchased with at least one other product

Price: £3.99
In Stock

More Info

Spiked Battle Club (TY)
Spiked Battle Club (TY) 29" Overall (the sharpened edged spike blade protrudes 7" beyond the top of the wooden shaft). Polished steel fittings and solid wood club, a detailed demon face in steel adorns the top of the club.

Complete with wooden stand and fixings

Price: £21.00
Was 36 -Sale Price

More Info

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