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Movie Swords
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Please see our Movie Replicas section for a wide range of movie related items

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Official Lagertha Sword Scabbard
Official Lagertha Sword Scabbard 30" overall. Based on the actual television prop for Vikings. Leather wrapped construction with faux goat fur, bicast leather strap, and metal buckle and rivets. Certificate of Authenticity. Fits Sword of Lagertha (SH8001). Boxed.

Price: £69.00
Out Of Stock

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Antiqued Spartan Sword
Antiqued Spartan Sword
34.25" Overall with a 26" sharpened, hand forged, high carbon steel blade with antiqued finish. Black cord wrapped handle and

Substantial blade, detailed finish and very heavy, this is a great sword!

See a 1 minute video of this sword by clicking here

** Note: handle is now black cord wrap rather than imitation leather pictured and sword no longer has a sheath **

Price: £65.00

In Stock

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Official Battle Axe Of Gimli
No picture available NF For Sale on behalf of customer, item is in mint condition with plaque and parchment certificate but no box,

Official United Cutlery Item. With an overall length of 38", of which the head alone measure 11.5" this is a lovely collectors piece. The Head is a forged tool steel, with a weathered and distressed finish, false-edged, and the handle is solid wood, genuine leather-wrapped grip, cast metal parts with an antiqued brass plated finish.

In Moria, after a cave-troll destroys the tomb of his forefather, Balin, Gimli is able to retrieve the mighty two-handed Battle Axe that had once belonged to the Dwarf-lord. From that point on, Gimli uses this Battle Axe for all close combat. Prepared for as many different situations as possible, he carries the Battle Axe with him, along with his Walking Axe, Bearded Axe, and two throwing axes. The massive head of this Battle Axe could be swung in both directions, making it a good choice for rapid moving combat.

Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity

Price: £0.00
Sold Out

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Bearded Axe Of Gimli
Bearded Axe Of Gimli Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity

Overall Length: 46-1/4"
Axe Head Length: 11-1/2" each
Axe Head Material: Forged tool steel, weathered and distressed finish, false-edged.
Handle Material: Solid wood, genuine leather-wrapped grip, cast metal parts with an antiqued brass plated finish.
Plaque: 7-1/2" x 10-3/8" x 3/4" wood with a silkscreened design. Hardware, instructions included.

Price: £220.00
In Stock

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Twin Pommel Witcher Sword
Twin Pommel Witcher Sword Approx 47" Overall with an unsharpened stainless blade. Cord wrapped handle with silver finish cast metal fittings, blade features engravings with gold highlights. Wooden saya with faux leather covering and cast metal fittings, excellent quality.

note: belt straps pictured are not included but available for additional £10

Price: £99.00
In Stock

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Classic Boot Dagger
Classic Boot Dagger 11.5" Overall with 7.5" doubled edged stainless blade. Full tang with micarta handle insert and lanyard hole. Genuine leather belt sheath.

Price: £18.00
In Stock

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Official Uruk Hai Scimitar
Official Uruk Hai Scimitar
Forged within the mines of Orthanc, this brutal looking weapon represented its wielder, the Fighting Uruk-Hai.
With little need for anything other than a weapon, able to dispatch all foes within their path, the Uruk-Hai Scimitar is a simple, yet strong symbol of how simple weapons can be so effective.
Comes with wall plaque bearing the White-Hand of Saruman, Symbol of Isengard.
32 inches overall, with a 24.7 Carbon Steel blade.
Handle is wooden with crude leather wrap.
Comes with Parchment certificate.

Price: £0.00

Sold Out

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Official Glamdring
Official Glamdring 47.5" overall with a 36" 420 J2 stainless steel blade (very high quality). Solid metal crossguard and pommel with antiqued metal finish and engraved Elven runes. Genuine leather wrapped grip. Official reproduction, with Parchment certificate

Price: £239.00
In Stock

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Double Shadow Dagger (EXP)
Double Shadow Dagger (EXP) Movie Styled Double Shadow style knife, supplied in a real leather sheath with belt loop.

A well-made replica of the one used in the hit movie.

Originally designed by Hibben Custom Designs.
Hibben also designed the world famous John Rambo Bowie knife as well as many iconic knives used during the making of other hit movies over the last two decades.

This well put together knife feels balanced and heavy in your hand.
It has a nicely carved, chunky wooden handle and weighs in at a hefty 548g.
The sharp double pronged blade is made from hardened 440 stainless steel and has a sturdy
chevron hand guard at its base.

The knife measures just over 400mm in total and the sharp double prong blade is 235mm in length.
Supplied in a real leather sheath with a riveted belt loop attached.

A great knife for any collector to own.

* Total length: 403mm.
* Blade length: 235mm.
* Total weight including leather sheath: 670g.
* Black leather sheath.
* 440 Stainless steel blade.

The best non official version of this highly collectable film replica knife.

Price: £36.00
In Stock

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Official Vikings Ragnar Axe
Official Vikings Ragnar Axe Overall: 25.5"; Blade: Stainless l unsharpened Edge; Handle: Brown l Wood. Created from the actual television prop. Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition of 5000

Price: £0.00
Out Of Stock

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