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Michonne Walking Ninja Sword
Michonne Walking Ninja Sword
104cm Overall with a 65cm unsharprned, stainless blade with faux temper line. Blacl faux rayskin handle wrap and white leather braid ito. All metal fittings with antiqued brass finish, wooden saya with faux brown leather wrapping and brown leather belt, nice item

Price: £38.00

In Stock

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Roman Centurian Helmet (with Stand)
Roman Centurian Helmet (with Stand) High quality 18 Gauge High Quality mild Steel with Natural Horse Hair plume

18" x 8" x 9" deep, full size, leather lined and wearable.

Complete with Stand

Price: £69.00
In Stock

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12 Piece Flash Throwers
12 Piece Flash Throwers A set of 12 throwing knives with nylon belt sheath, Each knife is 6" Overall with a 3.5" sharpened, stainless blade with two tone finish.

Price: £35.00
In Stock

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B.UK Stingers
B.UK Stingers 12" Overall with 5" sharpened, polished, tempered, D2 carbon steel blades. Complete with high grade leather sheath, top spec steel chosen for its high hardness, durability and added silicon for shock absorbing flexibility.

Price: £59.00
In Stock

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B.UK Boomerang Khukri
B.UK Boomerang Khukri
17" Overall with a 12" sharprned, hand forged D2 tool steel high carbon blade. Full tang with polished micarta handles. Blade measures 5mm thick, solid brass handle fixings. Complete in high quality leather sheath with belt loop. We've designed this as a heavy duty tool but incorporating a contemporary look and modern steel while still using traditional handmade production methods. Note: If you throw it, it won't come back.

Price: £69.00

In Stock

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Master Branded Bowie (860G)
Master Branded Bowie (860G)
16.2" Overall with a 10.6" sharpened stainless blade. Sold 4mm thick blade, full tang and black hardwood handle scales, includes nylon sheath, nice item

Price: £28.00

Out Of Stock

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Shadowmourne Axe
Shadowmourne Axe 43.5" Overall with a 19" unsharpened stainless blade. All metal construction with a suede wrapped handle, Complete with wooden wall plaque and fixings. Quality is fairly good although a few minor surface imperfections should be expected. Approx weight 5 kilos, this is a large item.

Price: £99.00
In Stock

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Paramedic Folding Knife
Paramedic Folding Knife
8" Overall with a 3.5" sharpened, partially serrated, stainless blade. Aluminium handle with seatbelt cutter and window punch with two tone finish and emblem. Complete with nylon belt pouch

Price: £12.99

Stock Due 7 days

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Hanwei Dadao Sword (1012)
Hanwei Dadao Sword (1012)
Long the traditional weapon of China’s peasant armies, the Dadao, or big sword, was used with deadly effect as late as the 1930’s in the Sino-Japanese War. Its single- or two-handed versatility, combined with the tremendous slashing power of its weight-forward blade made it the ideal close-quarters weapon. Although the originals had no scabbard, a simple carrying case is provided for protection and ease of transportation.

Key Features

Authentic styling
Powerful cutting capability
Scabbard included

This sword is sharp.
This sword is fully functional.
This sword is hand-forged.
Measurements / Specifications

Specification Metric Imperial
Overall 95.25cm 37�"
Blade Length 56.52cm 22�"
Grip Length 36.20cm 14�"
Weight 1.05Kg 2lb 5oz

Price: £155.00

Stock Due Shortly

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Gerber Sport Axe II
Gerber Sport Axe II Axe head made with durable forged steel that maintains its edge
Fiber comp handle is virtually indestructible
Ideal balance and weight for comfortable, effective swing
Compact and lightweight for easy portability
Overall length 13.48, blade length 2.72 and weight 22.57-Ounces

Price: £37.00
In Stock

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