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European Swords
All Genuine SwordsAll In Stock, Unless Stated Otherwise

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Handforged Roman Gladius
Handforged Roman Gladius 32" Overall with a 25" sharpened, 1065 hand forged, high carbon steel blade. Wooden cross guard with brass collar, wooden handle and pommel with brass retaining nut. Wooden scabbard with high quality leather wrap. Professional designed for martial arts use, the nicest roman sword we have seen, recommended.

Price: £120.00
In Stock

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Accolade Templar Sword
Accolade Templar Sword This magnificent sword named The Accolade would have been a sword worthy of the Grand Master to knight a loyal member into this holy order. "Non Nobis, Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Glorium". These iconic words engraved on the blade define this historic hand forged sword replica. The creed of the Knights Templar translating to "Nothing for us, Lord, nothing for us but for the glory of thy name" marked their illustrious and sometimes infamous 200 year military influence. The best metalsmiths from Windlass Steelcrafts have spent hours on each blade, hand forging the high carbon steel for optimal balance, quickness and durability. The pommel features a highly detailed Templar coin on each side with Latin inscription and the symbols that have grown synonomous with the Templar Order, while the grip is hand-wrapped with a rich genuine red leather with a wire over-wrap. The sword includes a custom, matching wooden scabbard covered in top grain, heavy-duty leather and a period belt with solid metal fittings.

Product Code: 5194
SKU: 502356
Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
Blade Length: 32 1/2"
Blade Material: Unsharpened, Forged 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Blade Width: 2 1/2"
Full Length: 40"
Weight: 3lb 10oz

Price: £288.00
In Stock

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Barnett Hand and A Half Sword
Barnett Hand and A Half Sword 43" Overall with a 33" sharpened, high carbon steel blade. Full tang construction, wooden handle, steel bolted onto the tang, steel pommel and crossguard. Complete the wooden scabbard with leather finish and metal fittings.

Price: £89.00
In Stock

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Professional Viking Sword
Professional Viking Sword 33" Overall with a 26" unsharpened 1075 high carbon steel blade with agile blade profile for professional training.

Wooden handle with high quality black leather wrap. Wooden scabbard with black leather wrap, solid steel fittings. Stunning blade, recommended

Price: £119.00
In Stock

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Hanwei Crecy Sword
Hanwei Crecy Sword Single Hand Sword of War - Hollow Ground Blade
The Battle of Crecy is known as one of most prominent of the Hundred Years War and one of the most decisive victories of the English over the French. Though the success was wrought mainly by wood instead of steel, the Crecy War Sword by Kingston Arms represents a considerable amount of time and research in to the specifications of single hand swords of the period, particularly from museum pieces and tapestries. Explicitly crafted to CAS specifications, the Crecy War Sword features a traditional thru-tang, peened pommel handle construction. The forged hollow-ground blade possesses a prominent central ridge that tapers the full length of the 32" blade providing support for the cutting edge. The 4 3/8" cord-wrapped leather grip is counter balanced by the stainless pommel for comfortable single-hand fighting. The stainless arched guard pays homage to the English longbow men who drew victory in the sites of the English King, Edward III. The Crecy Sword comes with a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard and stainless chape.

Made by Kingston Arms.

Key Features:

Traditional Thru-tang handle construction
Peened Pommel
Leather wrapped handle and scabbard
Crecy War Sword - Sharp

Overall: 38 3/4"
Blade Length: 31 3/4"
Handle Length: 4 1/4"
Weight: 2lb 15oz
Blade Steel: Sharpened hand forged 5160 high carbon steel, fully functional, traditional sword
Handle Material: Wood/Leather

Price: £299.00
In Stock

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B.UK Dark Prince Broadsword
B.UK Dark Prince Broadsword 37.7" Overall with a 29" sharpened, hand forged and folded 1075 high carbon steel blade. Wooden handle with stitched leather wrapping and stainless fittings with antiqued finish, traditional tang peened through the pommel. Leather over wood sheath with stainless fittings. Stunning, recommended

Price: £0.00
Sold Out

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Legacy Arms Falcata
Legacy Arms Falcata
Weight: 3lb;
Overall: 26.5";
Blade: 20.5"| Hand Forged Carbon Steel | Sharpened Edge | Satin Finish;

Handle: Black | Stainless;

Other Info: 5160 carbon steel blade with sharp top edge and steel blackened grip. Point of balance: 4.5" below hilt. Black leather scabbard

Full functional, traditionally made, heavy item

Price: £189.00

In Stock

More Info

Damascus Steel Gladius
Damascus Steel Gladius 30" overal with a 20 5/8" ladder Damascus steel double edged blade. Carved ring rosewood handle with stainless spacers and brass inlays. Rounded pommel with brass flower onlay. Stainless guard with brass inlay. Brown leather belt sheath.

Blades will show some flaws to be expected at this budget price.

Price: £110.00
In Stock

More Info

B.UK Persian Sword
B.UK Persian Sword
25.5" Overall with an 18" sharpened, hand forged, D2 tool steel blade. Full tang with genuine bone handle scales and detailed brass and hardwood dividers. D2 steel fittings. Complete with high quality embossed leather sheath. Impressive hand crafted item.

Price: £89.00

In Stock

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