Paul Chen Practical Tai Chi Swords

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The Practical TaiChi sword from Hanwei has been developed in response to many requests for a quality Tai-Chi sword for everyday practice. The 2008-GT series features three blade lengths, to suit the individual requirements of the Tai-Chi practitioner. The 2008A-GT has a blade length of 28" (see Models 2008B-GT and 2008C-GT for other blade lengths). All models feature steel guards and pommels, plated to harmonize the colour scheme of the sword. The blades are fully tempered high-carbon steel with a flattened-diamond blade section. Priced at £65 including postage

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Sifu Adam Hsu Practical Tai Chi Sword


Designed by world-renowned Chinese martial arts master Sifu Adam Hsu, these Chinese straight swords (Jian) are sure to become the standard in the martial arts community. With function and performance in mind during the design, these jian are constructed for martial artists. The blades are made of high-carbon spring steel with a ridgeline going down the center producing an intense audible feedback when swung. The Ming-style guard is a beautifully ornate with an embossed Dragon symbol. The pommel is open-ended to allow for a tassel. The handle and scabbard are made of a high-resistance wood-grain polymer for durability and strength. Also, the handle has grooves running down it to increase sensitivity when held. One unique feature is the “duck-bill lock” in the bottom of the scabbard that securely holds the sword in place. Sifu Adam Hsu has done the martial arts community a great service in designing such an affordable and functional sword.

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Featuring a 32" forged carbon steel blade


Walnut Tai-Chi Sword (PC-2009)


35 1/2" overall. 28" sharpened carbon steel blade with blood groove. Natural finish wood handle with brass guard and pommel. Natural finish wooden scabbard with brass fittings

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