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Do Not Order Products from this section

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Hanwei Quandong Folder
Hanwei Quandong Folder
The perfect gift for a true knife collector.

Silver inlaid buffalo horn is the handle material of choice for Hanwei's Quandong Folder. The form of the folder originated many generations ago in the Quandong (or Canton)Province, but the button lock, from designer Paul Chen, is strictly a modern twist. The Quandong represents influences of nature in the design with its egg plant shaped handle and bamboo leaf shaped blade. A truly interesting piece for the collector and knife enthusiast.


440C steel blade, buffalo horn scales
Locks open and closed
Bale for belt attachment


Blade length: 2 3/4
Handle length: 4
Overall length: 7
Weight: 3.5oz
Thickness: .110

Price: £33.00

In Stock

More Info

Fantasy Dragon Dagger (71)
Fantasy Dragon Dagger (71)
18" Overall with a 10" unsharpened stainless blade, Black ABS hande grip and grey matte finish cast metal dragon talon handle, 2nd 3 inch sharprned blade with detailed cast metal dragon. Complete with wooden table stand.

** Dragon engraving on the blade varies slightly from image **

Price: £23.00

In Stock

More Info

Huang Ninja Sword
Huang Ninja Sword
39.5" Overall with a 27" sharpened, hand forged, 1060 high carbon steel blade with simulated temper and bohi. Genuine same handle wrap and high quality cotton ito. The main feature of the sword is the natural pear wood saya, per wood is considered one of the finest saya production materials.
Includes box, table stand, sleeve and maint. kit.

Price: £69.00

In Stock

More Info

Boker V42
Boker V42
Blade of SK5 carbon steel. Handle of compressed, stacked leather discs. Leather sheath.

Blade 17.8 cm / 7 in., Overall 30.4 cm / 12 in.

Fixed blade knife by Boker Plus. Evil's Brigade originated in July of 1942. Under the official title, 1st Special Service Force, American and Canadian soldiers were combined together to form a special task force trained for battle behind enemy lines. The origin of many special units can be traced back to this special force. Due to numerous nocternal operations where all faces were blackened for camouflage, the German Wehrmacht invented their nickname, "Black Devils," which bore witness of the great respect they had of their enemy, although their unit was relatively small. In 1943 and 1944, the 1st SSF successfully completed many operations in Italy and France, impacting military operations.

An important piece of equipment of the Devil's Brigade was the specially designed V-42 combat knife, which was also part of the intensive close combat training. The handle of compressed leather discs ends in a pointed impact cap. A thick leather padding underneath the slightly curved pommel offered protection from injury. The double-edged blade of the dagger features a corrugated thumb rest for a secure grip. To this day, the crest of the Special Forces of the U.S. Army adorns this legendary dagger.

We not only deliver this exclusive collector's item with its classic leather sheath, but also with a replica of the cloth insignia of the unit, which is the red spearhead, and with a reproduction of the original German sticker with the words "The worst is yet to come!", which was stuck behind enemy lines in order to demoralize the enemy. A premium collector's ensemble, especially ideal for aficionados of military history! Blade length: 7". Overall length: 12". Weight: 7 oz.

Price: £69.00

Sold Out

More Info

Official Battle Axe Of Gimli
Official Battle Axe Of Gimli For Sale on behalf of customer, item is in excellent condition (plaque is a little marked in a couple of spots, 1-2mm chip on pommel area of axe) with original packaging, card payment accepted.

Official United Cutlery Item. With an overall length of 38", of which the head alone measure 11.5" this is a lovely collectors piece. The Head is a forged tool steel, with a weathered and distressed finish, false-edged, and the handle is solid wood, genuine leather-wrapped grip, cast metal parts with an antiqued brass plated finish.

In Moria, after a cave-troll destroys the tomb of his forefather, Balin, Gimli is able to retrieve the mighty two-handed Battle Axe that had once belonged to the Dwarf-lord. From that point on, Gimli uses this Battle Axe for all close combat. Prepared for as many different situations as possible, he carries the Battle Axe with him, along with his Walking Axe, Bearded Axe, and two throwing axes. The massive head of this Battle Axe could be swung in both directions, making it a good choice for rapid moving combat.

Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity

Special OverStocked Price

Price: £0.00

More Info

Damascus Folder (DF65)
Damascus Folder (DF65)
8" Overall with a 3.5" sharpened, hand forged, damascus steel blade. Brass frame with damascus steel and horn handles featuring detailed filework.

Individually made by a master knife smith at a small traditional forge

Price: £39.00

Clearance price - Was 59

More Info

Blade II Shredder
No picture available NF ** NOW SOLD **

For sale on behalf of customer, payment by bank transfer through our accounts, item is in our possession for shipment.

If you have any questions or would like to purchase, please get in touch.

This is an original Factory X Blade II Shredder, sadly no box and the stand has a little damage to the top as can be seen, the surface finish to the disc is also a little worn but overall the item is in excellent condition.

Price: £0.00
Customer Sale - 140

More Info

Group Item Sale
No picture available NF Swords as per site.

Price: £90.00
In Stock

More Info

Damascus Hunter (823d)
Damascus Hunter (823d)
9" Overall with an 4.5"sharpened, hand forged, damascus steel blade with detailed file work. Horn handle with brass fittings. highly detailed Leather sheath included.

Made by a master knife smith.

Price: £39.00

Sale Price - Was 69

More Info

Cane Art - Peach and Cranes
Cane Art - Peach and Cranes Elegant Bamboo Scroll Picture measuring 32cm x 82cm.

Price: £2.79
In Stock

More Info

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